WTA trends

There is some physical trend in top-100 players?

Top-100 Ranking trends

Reaching the top-100 (in gray the top-10 to compare)

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There is some geographical trend in top-100 players?

WTA top-100 head-to-head

Top-100 head-to-head matrix, going from all losts (full pink) to all wins (full green) matches. On the right you will see the performance of the player on different surfaces and tournament rounds agains another top-100 only.
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There are trends in top-100 WTA players? how they behave in their careers? what would be the key points to say: "this one will be a star"?
I tried to answer that using public data from WTA website (before Wimbledon 2016!) as part of my research visit at ScaleFreeLabs, where I was learning about dataviz with my friend and expert Dr. Alvaro Graves(@alvarograves). He told me that for practise I have to use public data from a subject that passionated me and that I could understand.
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