Javier Bustos-Jiménez



I've been working in several projects as head of NIC Labs (@niclabs), actually I'm focused on:

Also, I'm very interested in data visualization using D3, some of my personal projects in that area are:

A complete list of my publications can be found in Google Scholar. A non-complete list of my talks can be found here.

Teaching and Lectures

I'm adjunct professor of the Computer Science Department DCC at Universidad de Chile, where I teach since 2001. I have been strong involved (program and course material) in the following CS related courses

Also I'm very interested in the social part of computer science, so I wrote the program and prepared the material for: I am the founder and chair of the Spring School on Networks (SSN). I started this serie of symposiums in 2015 to create a latin american network of network students, get students interested in Internet and technology, and give them mentoring and career oportunities. SSN has been sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM and ISOC for travel and register grants.


I have obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (thesis developed in OASIS team at INRIA), France in 2006. Today, I'm the head of @niclabs. My research interests include complex networks, internet protocols, network privacy/security, and data science. My not-research interests include sports, music, and coffee.

My Erdős:Bacon:Sabbath number is 4:4:4.

If you are looking for my former "old school" webpage, here it is.